Industrial Automation's R2 Series Astromech Droid

The T-65 was designed to use the R2 series Astromech Droid. This series was designed for diagnostics and repair operations. Added programming included flight performance monitoring, power management and shipboard systems optimization. Its astrogation buffer has a hyperspace vector coordinates capacity of ten sets. These units are powered by an Intellex IV computer system. For a full product specifications see the manufactures documentation.

Height: 108.98cm
Width: 70.78cm
Depth: 46.8cm

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Site Developer's Narrative - R2-D2

One of the first 3D models I finished was this R2-D2. I started it in the 90's around the time I started the second X-Wing. It was finished at the end of 2009. It was solid modeled completely in AutoCAD then exported to 3DS MAX for texturing and rendering.

Since I decided to remodel the R2 unit I thought I should do more research and see if I could find more accurate drawings to work from. I soon came across the original studio schematic of R2. After hours of studying the schematic, photo and my original R2, I drew a few conclusions. The first was that my R2 was far closer to the photographic evidence than the schematic. The second is that the scale of my R2 was off slightly. Width wise, I was off by 1.5”. And height wise, off by around 5”. The web consciences is that R2 is 108cm high. This correlates to the studio schematic at 108cm (107.64cm scales). Armed with this new information I will remodel R2 so that he is more accurate. 03/07/2013

The premise of my site is the OEM of the X-wing, I’ve gone about “cleaning up” the plans. i.e. converting to metric and rounding to “clean” values for dimensions. (I don’t know what they use to measure distance in the Star Wars galaxy but I’m sure it’s not the imperial system)
For example, the studio plan shows R2’s body at 1’ 7 5/8” or 19.625”. This comes out to 49.8475cm. I would assume that a manufactures of fine droids like Industrial Automaton would not use a measurement as arbitrary as 49.8475mm, so I rounded it up to 50cm. That gives you a new imperial measurement of 19.685”, a difference of 0.06”. All this so that I feel that my plans look “logical”. (All hail the great Mr. Spock. “Live long and prosper.”) 03/12/2013

Thanks to the great work done at the R2-D2 Builders Club, my new calculations for R2's size (converted to centimeters,) is complete. I will come back to finish R2 once the outer views of the X-wing are complete. 03/18/2013


Star Wars Galaxy Navigational Database

SWGNDB is a 3D astrograghical system used for galactic navigation.